How to control stress and anxiety by using an adjustable bed

September 29, 2020

How do you sleep well when stress and anxiety interfere with your sleep?

How do you sleep well when your rumblings,your thoughts,keep you from sleeping well? Often it is enough simply to rethink some of your convictions on this subject and,at the same time,to readjust some of the behaviors,try an adjustable bed for sleeping well through out the night,as seen above. Certain relaxation strategies minimize physical and psychological stress very effectively.

TheraSomnia is the first online CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) program for insomnia: interactive resources and psychoanalyst trainers to help you learn healthy habits and new ways of thinking,a host of strategies for sleeping well and better in 2 to 3 months.


Will you have trouble falling asleep? You’re definitely not the only one … But do you know how to put all the odds on your side to keep it from happening?

  • No coffee or tea at 4 p.m.
  • No vigorous physical activity or intellectual effort before going to bed
  • In the bedroom,cover any clock or time stamp.
  • Just use your Nectar full adjustable mattress for sleep (or sexual activity)
  • Do not read,watch TV or eat in bed.
  • If you can’t sleep after about 15-20 minutes,get out of Yaasa split-king adjustable mattress and take another soothing activity out of Serta Motion twin XL adjustable frame (reading …)
  • Just go back to Leggett and Platt twin XL adjustable bed while you’re asleep.

When you wake up for more than 15-20 minutes in the night,get out of Sven and Son split-king adjustable bed and come back just when you’re done.

Still wake up at the same time in the morning,get up and have a relaxing activity if possible in the light (walk,etc.).

Do not take a nap during the day (in case of trouble sleeping at night) Visit

for morinformation.

Sleep well,our tricks for a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping well: above all,a matter of safe living

Yes,the first thing to look out for when you want a good night’s sleep … It’s exactly what you do with your days! So,even though our communities are more and more sedentary,it’s necessary to be physically active during the day-whether it ‘s walking a dog,buying bread on foot,finding a way to get around! Often,make your mind clear because,paradoxically,psychological fatigue is also the cause of insomnia in many people.

It is important to have a healthy lifestyle during the day to sleep well,but not enough: you have to take extra care in the hours before bedtime. We therefore take care not to consume too much for dinner,since the digestion process monopolizes the body’s energy. We forget sports too late in the day: in reality,physical activity releases hormones that keep you alert!

Finally,ban the screens at least an hour before you go to bed: whether it’s your phone,TV or machine,their adverse effects on sleep have been seen. Therefore,at other times of the day,we reserve our series marathons! At the end of the day,it is important to put in place good reflexes by making bedtime a routine with an environment conducive to sleep. We take care not to turn the heat on too high,and we prefer calming habits: drink herbal tea,read a book … According to the study by ReDormin,yoga,sex and a hot
shower will be the winning combo to fall asleep in a wink!